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Dear Sir is an award-winning YouTube educational platform based in India which provides valuable and simplified learning assistance to students in various subjects of their choice. We are renowned for providing top-notch educational assistance to aspirant learners with the expertise of the best faculties who are subject specialists in their respective fields. Their versatility, simplicity of explanation, and knowledge in handling multiple topics effortlessly makes learning enjoyable and lets students grasp and learn their courses with ease and understanding.

Our teaching style is focused on encouraging exploration of concepts by the students themselves, unlike other e-learning platforms which made us the proud achievers of 250 Million + views on Youtube. Another noteworthy achievement is that we have received 1 billion 270 million watch time minutes which is about 2445 years of watch time. We have a commendable mass of 5 Million gratified student subscribers who find our video courses exceptionally reliable, especially during examinations. We are also India's first educational channel to achieve 1 million subscribers in 94 videos, 2 million in 126 videos, 3 million in 150 videos, 4 million in 180 videos, and 5 million in 200 videos. Apart from providing high-quality courses on various subjects, we also provide essential learning tips and hacks to assist students in their day to day learning and also to fully equip them to crack their examinations.

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Indias 1st Career Guidance Series With Founders, CEO's & Field Experts | Dear Sir | Waqqas Malik

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Indias Best Spoken English Course


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Class 10 Maths Full Chapters Course

Let's Learn Maths

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Class 9th (Writing Section)

Let's Learn English Grammar for Exams

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nouns and pronouns

dsad sad asdas

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Combo Dear Sir Maths and English Concept Clearing Course

Become a Master in the calculation and Fluent in Spoken with this combo Course. ...

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Speak English Like a Native Speaker with Dear Sir

Let's Speak English

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Sitting Arrangement Concept, Tricks, Problems, Questions

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Blood Relation Concept & Tricks

testing heighlights

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Mensuration Concept & Tricks

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Time Speed and Distance Short Tricks

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Trigonometry Formulas and Solutions

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Class 12th (Writing Section)

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Class 10th (Writing Section)

Let's Learn Grammar

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Class 11th (Writing Section)

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Class 10th Maths Most Important Videos

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Dear Sir Spoken English + Exams 2 in One

Build your spoken power with this Spoken English special course in Dear Sir Styl...

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Maths And English Combined Concept Clearing Course

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Best Dear Sir Maths Concept Clearing Course for NTPC, SSC, CGL, MTS, Railway Exams

Learn all maths chapters with both, Short Trick & long method with Dear Sir in t...

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